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#LifeAF Live in Las Vegas

It's YOU 2.0

What does You 2.0 look like?

Imagine a version of you, where everyone keeps asking;

“What has changed?"

"You look so good! You look so happy!”

You are confident.

You feel secure in your purpose.

You are no longer controlled by anxiety, hormones, and frustrations.

You look at other people’s success and instead of feeling resentful or angry you are happy for them because you are on the same path and know that this life is abundant and you have everything you need and so much more coming to you!

Your friendships, family, and romantic relationships feel good, easy, and fulfilling.

You fully trust yourself to make choices that feel good and are in line with your highest priorities.

(Heck, you finally know what your priorities are!)

You easily say no to things that don’t serve you and are unapologetic about taking care of yourself and everyone around you enjoys being with you.

This is YOUR Upgraded Life!

It starts with knowing exactly how you got here

It starts with recognizing your stories

The stories you’ve been living in, telling yourself...

  • “I’m stuck”
  • “I am never going to make any more money”
  • “I will always be in debt”
  • “I will always be overweight”
  • “People like me never get ahead”
  • “I never finished school so I can’t get a good job”

We all are going to go through some ups and downs in life, many (if not the majority) of things thrown our way will be completely out of our control...

If you want to be IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE

If you want to feel that life isn’t happening TO YOU but FOR YOU

You need to have the skills, the habits, and the support to make that happen.

There are certain habits and secrets that happy and successful people have figured out that are NOT a total secret... 

and those are the things you will learn at

#LifeAF Live

Upgraded Women ask for help. 

>> Average people will try to figure it out on their own.

Upgraded Women have accountability partners. 

>>Average people will make excuses for why it didn’t get done.

Upgraded Women will take responsibility for where they are in life.

>>Average people will blame the news, politics, and their circumstances.

If this sounds too familiar...

 You listen to podcasts and read books that get you inspired & excited, but your day to day life never seems to change.

 You've read self-help books, taken courses, and you end up going back to the same old patterns. 

 You have big dreams and aspirations but you feel like you'll never get there because of all the debt and financial struggles.

 You admire those really happy couples and you remember feeling like that at one point, but you're just not even sure how to get it back anymore... and maybe they're bullshitting anyway. 

 You have a job or work, but you're not really certain that this is what you want to be doing the rest of your life, but you try and stay grateful because you know you're lucky to have something. 

 You feel like you aren’t living close to your potential and purpose, but honestly, you're not even sure what that is anymore. 

Then this 2-Day Transformational Weekend is for you

November 10th & 11th in Las Vegas!

Personal development, empowering guest speakers, goodie bags, working on YOU 2.0 and upgrading your life.

November 10 & 11th

Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV
9am-5pm Friday & Saturday

What to expect:

  • Learn why you are exactly where you are
  • Gain clarity around where you would like to be
  • Create a plan on how to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Leave with a stronger sense of purpose, knowing your mission, who you are and what you stand for
  • Join an accountability and support system of like-minded women who won't let you fail.
  • Walk away excited and empowered that you have the tools to implement everything that you learn

(LIVE event pricing goes up to $447 on October 21st and the free program bonus will not be included.)


Jill Coleman "JillFit"
Founder of Best of You Coaching Program & Mentorship, #TheBestLife Podcast Co-host, entrepreneur, speaker and creator of all the best workout programs and dog-mom to Pip the Pomsky.



Rebekah Borucki "BexLife"
TV Show Host of Got Zen?, Author of the best-selling meditation book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life, YouTuber, mother of 5 humans, lifestyle expert and chicken and goat wrangler.


This weekend retreat will be one like no other.

When you get home, your friends will stop and ask you
"What has changed?!"

You will walk away ready to tackle the hard conversations, do the things you’ve been avoiding, ready to step into the life you know is waiting for you, and you will have the skills, tools, and support to handle it and own it!

Not only will you take away so much in this two-day event, you’ll also have full access, as a bonus to the 6-Week #LifeAF Self-Study Program

What are you waiting for?

Other workshops will give you

a shit ton of motivation, but zero strategy or no way to implement things in your real (busy) life

THIS 2-day intensive will teach you HOW to prioritize WHAT to prioritize, what to focus on and what to let go of, so that you can get all the important things done and move forward with CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, and PURPOSE.

The feminine energy must feel good in order to do good, but so many of us don't even feel good!

We are stressed, tired, have digestive issues, autoimmune problems, and then we beat ourselves up for not being able to show up in the world how we know that we are capable of.

  • What if we were going about this all backwards?
  • What if we started to feel good first?
  • How does that even look?

Many of us have been tired for so long, read the same books and tried to do all of the things over and over only to end up with the same results because we can't keep up.

  • What if the strategies were much simpler than that?
  • What if you had women who are living that life and were ready to share their tips, tricks, and hacks so you could do the same?

I know the control freak in you wants to know all of the answers right now, but the first exercise in this game is called trust.

I'm going to ask you to trust me, because I trust you, and I'm going to teach you to trust yourself again.

The Hot Topics Include

PHYSICAL - How to look, feel, live and more importantly, trust your body again. How to stop obsessing and start using your energy for doing more good. 

MENTAL/EDUCATIONAL- How to continue learning as successful people do, so that you are confident in your knowledge and increase your value.

FAMILY- Learn how to spend quality time with the people you love and care about and learn to be present. Learn to communicate in a fully open and honest way with those who you tend to have the hardest time with. 

SOCIAL- Learn to have fulfilling, trusting and nurturing relationships with those outside of your family circle to provide more balance, security, and support in your life. Learn to ask for help and ask for support and learn who deserves your time, energy and story. 

MONEY- Find what your passion is, how to make money from it if possible or how to have a better relationship with your bank account. Learn why your debt and your waistline have more in common than you thought! 

SPIRITUAL- Learn to tap into your intuition, your inner guide, find peace and clarity and learn to trust your own wisdom, also walk away with a plan for your own personal self-created ritual that will instantly put you in balance and in touch with what you need. 


Time remaining until we meet at


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